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South Deerfield, MA Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing 01373

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Refinishing a floor with traditional floor-sanding equipment raises so much dust that it may take days to clean it up, even if you’ve spread plastic sheeting in all the right places. If your floor is in relatively good condition, however, and has no damaged floorboards, you can take advantage of one of two dust-free options for restoring the finish. If your floor needs repair, look for a company that offers dustless floor sanding.

Minimize the dust fallout when having wood floors refinished in South Deerfield, MA: (844) 529-5817

Whether it is Recoating or Refinishing, all of our are DUST FREE. We used to be an extremely dusty job and a clean-up headache for the homeowner. These are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems available, generating 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process. Our Dust Free sanding system prevents the infiltration of dust into draperies, furniture, cabinets, air ducts, and air conditioning systems during the sanding process. We even offer a certified system that makes the process the cleanest, healthiest, and fastest wood flooring refinishing system available to date!

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Dustless floor sanding 01373
South Deerfield, MA 01373 Dustless floor refinishing
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